Use of Common Area & Open Space


Use of common areas and open spaces are still subjected to the prevailing COVID-19 guidelines by the Singapore Government.

HDB Residents of our Town can apply to use the Common area and/or Open space, with the following rates summarized below. 

Contact the Town Council at 6744 1033 to book the facilities, up to 6 months in advance.

Type of useVoid deck & open area / BBQ PitRemarks
• Weddings
• Birthday Parties
$50 per day-
Funeral Wake• Void deck charges are waived
• Charges for Water and Electricity points apply
Death Certificate is required

Application can be based on Applicant’s or Deceased’s HDB residential address
Funeral Rites (Kong Teck)$50 per day-
Nightly Tarawikh Prayers$50 per monthSupporting Letter from MP / MUIS

Attend Meet-The-People-Session (MPS)
• Prophet Muhammad
• Birthday Celebration
• Hari Raya Puasa Prayers
• Hari Raya Haji Prayers
• Kenduri (Thanksgiving)
$50 per day -
7th Month Prayer/
Religious Functions
$50 per day-
Barbecue (BBQ)$10 per pitPrice includes one water point

Please note that the use of the Common area and Open space are subjected to the Town Council’s By-laws.

Separate utility charges will be imposed:
Water – $8 per point per day
Electricity – $10 per point per day


The display of posters at void decks/common areas is to alert residents and funeral operators that the area has been pre-booked for functions.