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Everyone has a part to play to keep our environment rodent-free.

Let’s see what the Town Council has been doing and what you can do to help too!

What the Town Council is doing

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) provides support and advice to Town Councils on rodent control measures. In recent years, the revised approach is to cull rodents in bin centres and bin chutes which are the rodents’ food sources.

Rodent Culling Exercises at Night conducted by AHTC

  • Why do we practice Rodent Culling at Night?
    • Rodents are nocturnal creatures, and move around mostly after dark.
    • Culling exercises conducted at night will help achieve optimal effectiveness to reduce the rodent population and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
    • The team responsible for the night culling is led by our Town Council staff. 
    • In addition, AHTC also engages pest control contractors to conduct scheduled monthly rodent culling in our Town.
    • Bin centres and central refuse chutes (CRC) are the main areas where the culling exercises take place.

What Residents can do to help

  • Tie up your household rubbish and food waste in proper disposable bags before throwing them into the rubbish chute.
  • Do not leave food lying around the common areas.
  • Do not leave food offerings from religious activities at common areas unattended.