Rental of Event Halls

There are sheltered event halls within our Neighbourhood Town Centres for rent. Contact the Town Council at 6744-1033 to find out the availability and rates!

LocationHougang Central Hub
Outside Hougang Mall
Between Blk 814 & Blk 811 Hougang Central
Area: 500m2

Dimensions: 40m x 14m

Stage: Semi-Circle

Stage Dimensions:
Length 9.5m
Height ~0.6m
Circumference ~14.9m
LocationHougang Central Court
Outside Kang Kar Mall
Between Blk 806 & Blk 809 Hougang Central
Area: 230m2

Dimensions: 23m x 10m

Stage: Rectangular

Stage Dimensions:
Length ~7.6m
Width ~3.3m
Outside Heartland Mall
Facing the Food Centre
Area: 74m2

Dimensions: 9.6m x 8.6m

1. There is no stage in this event hall.
2. Event space is bounded by the “outer” square.


  • All applications to use the event halls are on a first come first serve basis, subject to the Town Council’s approval.
  • Local retailers will be given priority in booking and rates.
  • The Town Council reserves the right to revise any rates on a quarterly basis or as and when it deems necessary.