Media Release

15 March 2021: AHTC’s response to MND’s FY2019 TCMR

12 June 2020: AHTC Shops and market stalls to receive 25 per cent rebate on S&CC for June to August 2020

17 January 2020: AHTC surprised at Government’s U-Turn to compel AHTC to recuse MPs Sylvia Lim and Low Thia Khiang from oversight; will comply to focus energies on running Aljunied-Hougang TownAHTC’s response to MND’s FY2018 TCMR

05 December 2019: AHTC’s response to MND’s FY2018 TCMR

30 November 2019: AHTC votes not to require recusal of Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low Thia Khiang from financial matters

04 November 2019: AHTC’s Response to LTA’s e-Scooter Ban on Footpaths

14 December 2018: MND’s FY2017 TCMR

15 February 2018: KPMG Engagement ends; All audit points resolved

16 January 2018: Progress on remediation measures; twenty-second KPMG monthly report on progress issued

16 December 2017: Progress on remediation measures; twenty-first KPMG monthly report on progress issued

20 November 2017: AHTC’s response to TCMR for FY2016

16 November 2017: Progress on remediation measures; twentieth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

16 October 2017: Progress on remediation measures; nineteenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

16 September 2017: Progress on remediation measures; eighteenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 August 2017: Progress on remediation measures; seventeenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 July 2017: Progress on remediation measures; sixteenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 June 2017: Progress on remediation measures; fifteenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 May 2017: Progress on remediation measures; fourteenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 April 2017: Progress on remediation measures; thirteenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

12 April 2017: Response to MND’s Statement of 12 April 2017 on AHTC’s FY2015 Financial Statements

16 March 2017: Progress on remediation measures; twelfth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

09 March 2017: Response to MND’s Press Statement – Aljunied-Hougang Town Council’s FY2015 Financial Statements dated 9 Mar 2017

17 February 2017: AHTC Appoints Independent Panel to Review Findings of KPMG Past Payments Report dated 31 Oct 2016 and Safeguard AHTC’s Interests

15 February 2017: Progress on remediation measures; eleventh KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 January 2017: Progress on remediation measures; tenth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 December 2016: Progress on remediation measures; ninth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

05 December 2016: AHTC Lift Upgrading and Replacement Plans – FY2016-2021

16 November 2016: Progress on remediation measures; eighth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

01 November 2016: No fictitious, fraudulent or duplicate payments found

01 November 2016: KPMG’s Past Payments Report received

28 October 2016: Court Imposes Non-Disclosure Obligation on PRPTC; AHTC to furnish documents by 4 Nov 2016

24 October 2016: Court of Appeal Mulls Over Practical Implementation of its Directions

22 October 2016: Response to MND’s Media Release – Town Councils’ Publication of Financial Statements dated 22 Oct 2016 (UPDATED)

15 October 2016: Progress on remediation measures; seventh KPMG monthly report on progress issued

09 October 2016: AHTC hands over to PRPTC accumulated surplus and higher sinking funds for Punggol East SMC

15 September 2016: Progress on remediation measures; sixth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

31 August 2016: Past Payments Review report deadline revised to cover additional procedures; “In-principle no objection” from HDB

18 August 2016: 100% KPMG Check on “Dummy Codes” complete, no duplicate or fictitious payments found; fifth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

23 July 2016: Response to Law Minister; Past Payments Review report out by 31 Aug 2016

20 July 2016: AHTC to act on KPMG recommendations on Internal Controls; fourth KPMG monthly report on progress issued

15 July 2016: KPMG Report for July 2016 to be submitted on 20 July 2016

08 July 2016: Court of Appeal Gives Further Directions on AHTC’s Accountant’s Work  

15 June 2016: Past payments review commenced; third KPMG monthly report on progress issued

01 June 2016: Response to PRPGTC press release dated 30 May 2016

30 May 2016: MND TCMR Report – 30 May 2016

14 May 2016: AHTC implementing remediation plans; second KPMG monthly report on progress issued

18 Apr 2016: Comments by Punggol East SMC MP Charles Chong to The Straits Times on 15 April 2016

16 Apr 2016: AHTC receives KPMG’s first monthly report, submits to HDB; AHTC fulfils all outstanding Sinking Fund transfer obligations

03 Mar 2016: AHTC to make remaining Sinking Fund transfer by 15 Apr 2016

01 Mar 2016: AHTC Appoints KPMG Team as Accountants

22 Jan 2016: AHTC to appoint Big Four accounting firm to carry out Court of Appeal judgment

20 Jan 2016: AHTC to appoint new Accountants to carry out CA judgment, gives update on Sinking Fund transfer

07 Jan 2016: AHTC welcomes Court of Appeal’s direction

01 Dec 2015: Town Council Management Report: FY2014

27 Nov 2015: Attorney-General vs AHPETC: Post CA Judgment statement

10 Oct 2015: Formation of Aljunied-Hougang Town; Appointment of New Chairman

08 Sep 2015: Punggol East SMC Merger Accounts

17 Aug 2015: AHPETC Able to Fulfil Sinking Fund Obligations with Grants

04 July 2015: Condolence Message on the Demise of Mr Danny Loh

02 July 2015: Response to MND’s Comments on AHPETC’s FY 2013-14 Audited Accounts

05 June 2015: MND Misrepresenting AHPETC’s Stand On $14 M Grants

14 May 2015: AHPETC Expects Grants to be Released Soon

09 February 2015: AHPETC Will Respond To AGO Report In Parliament

26 January 2015: AHPETC’s Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) arrears rate for households is 5.66% as at 30 September 2014

24 December 2014: NEA vs AHPETC: Post-sentence statement

12 December 2014: PAP Concedes Accountability and Transparency Accusation a Non-Starter

10 December 2014: AHPETC Remains Steadfast to Serve the Residents of the Town

28 November 2014: Response To Verdict In NEA v AHPETC Trial

22 November 2014: Response To Press Query 21 Nov 2014

7 March 2014: Updated Financial Year 2012 Town Council Management Report (TCMR)


14 February 2014: Request for MND’s Assistance and Audit of AHPETC

30 January 2014: Lunar New Year Flora and Community Fair at Hougang Central Hub

21 November 2013: Town Council Management Review Published 21 Nov 2013

10 June 2013: Minister’s Belated Statement Uncalled For

9 June 2013: NEA is Contradicting Itself

7 June 2013: AHPETC: NEA is Politically Motivated to Tarnish the Image of AHPETC

4 June 2013: All issues to be discussed on 6 June 2013

3 June 2013: AHPETC refutes NEA’s allegations

1 June 2013: NEA’S Advisory Confirms AHPE TC Position on Hawker Centre Cleaning

16 May 2013: Media Response to MND’S Comparison of MA Rates (NO. 3)

15 May 2013: Media Response to MND’S Comparison of MA Rates (NO. 2)

14 May 2013: AHPETC / WP’s Response to Comparisons on Managing Agent Rates

31 January 2013: Punggol East SMC – Preliminary Update on Handover of Town Council Functions

10 January 2013: MND review of TCs and AIM transaction welcome and should proceed

5 January 2013: AHTC committed to safeguarding residents’ interests despite challenges thrown at it

28 December 2012: A Lesson on the Need for Alternatives

14 December 2012: Statement on Town Council Management Review

4 October 2012: Statement on Neighbourbood Renewal Program (NRP) at Eunos Spring