Media Release – 5 January 2013


I refer to the statement issued by Dr Teo Ho Pin on 2 Jan 2013 on the sale of the developed software formerly owned by the PAP-managed Town Councils to Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM) in 2011 prior to the General Election.

Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) is not able to verify the accuracy of the reasons for the sale cited by Dr Teo, as the documents AHTC has on hand, including the tender documents, do not disclose many of the details mentioned.  In any event, the reasons given underscore three fundamental facts: first, that the PAP-managed Town Councils sold off the computer and financial systems developed with public monies to a vehicle of the PAP, just prior to the General Election; second, according to the most recent statement of Mr Chandra Das, AIM’s Chairman, AIM “as a PAP company” wanted to “be helpful to the PAP Town Councils”, and; third, that the PAP sees no issue with an arrangement allowing them to terminate the software agreements with any Town Council with one month’s notice if there is a material change in the Town Council’s membership.

With regards to the one-month termination clause in the AIM contract, Dr Teo considered it “reasonable”.  However, he himself indicated that it would take “maybe 18 to 24 months, or even longer” to assess new software and develop a replacement system.  In our view, therefore, the question of how the PAP-managed Town Councils acted in the public (and residents’) interest in relinquishing their ownership of the systems to AIM upon such conditions has still not been answered.  We leave it to the public to make their own judgment.

To allay any doubts about whether AIM had indeed terminated the software agreement with AHTC, a copy of the termination notice is attached for public scrutiny.

In spite of the challenges encountered by the new Workers’ Party-run AHTC during the handover from the PAP, we are grateful to all who have helped us and for the efforts put in by our staff and contractors to ensure a smooth taking over of Town Council administration, including to upscale and develop a computing and financial system for AHTC under very challenging circumstances.  This ensured that the interests of Aljunied and Hougang residents were protected, including in such important areas as cleanliness, maintenance and lift breakdown rates.  AHTC will continue to strive for higher standards in our service to residents.


5 January 2013

Attached: Copy of Termination Notice by AIM