NEA vs AHPETC: Post-sentence statement (Media Release – 24 December 2014)

We respect the court’s decision and have paid the fine of $800. However, we are not satisfied with the outcome of the case.

We decided to contest the case in court, not because we wanted to create trouble for a government agency but because we believe it is a matter of public interest.  It concerns how a government agency should exercise its power conferred by law, and whether it acts in a fair and just manner.

As things stand today, the TC finds itself hampered in its management of the common property. Today is Xmas Eve, and Hougang Central Hub is empty because we are unable to organise activities to benefit residents and businesses in the area.  The TC has also lost a source of revenue to manage its operations.

We have noted that the State Court has declined to rule on whether NEA’s requirements are valid and reasonable. We will be consulting our lawyers to study the options to pursue these matters in the High Court.


24 DECEMBER 2014