Response to Law Minister; Past Payments Review report out by 31 Aug 2016 (Media Release 23 July 2016)

I refer to the Law Minister’s remarks of 23 July 2016, published on his Facebook page. The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (“AHTC”) has made available the KPMG Report of July 2016 on its website since 20 July 2016. (click here for the full report)

The Minister’s response is a surprising one, considering the KPMG report of July 2016 was a stock-take on AHTC’s internal controls.

AHTC chose to publish all the KPMG reports released since 15 April 2016, even though it was not obliged to do so. In fact, AHTC had specifically requested KPMG to publish the 70 additional lapses it identified in the course of its engagement since April 2016, even though KPMG had not intended to detail them in its report. The remedial measures AHTC has undertaken since the 70 additional lapses were identified are also highlighted in the July report.

The review of Past Payments is still ongoing and KPMG expect a full report to be released to AHTC at the end of August 2016. Therefore, it is not helpful to speculate or jump the gun.

The public can be assured that AHTC will publish the Past Payments Report, like all previous KPMG reports for scrutiny in full, and AHTC will take any necessary action thereafter.


23 July 2016