AHTC to appoint new Accountants to carry out CA judgment, gives update on Sinking Fund transfer (Media release on 20 Jan 2016)

The Court of Appeal noted today that while some aspects of their judgment of 27 November 2015 have been carried out by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), the issue of the appointment of the accountants has not been settled as yet.

AHTC will be looking to appoint new accountants, as two accounting firms it previously nominated have indicated that they do not wish to continue with the assignment.  AHTC will endeavour to obtain HDB’s consent on the accountants before the Court reconvenes on Friday 22 January 2016.

The Town Council also updated the Court that it has already made one out of two outstanding sinking fund transfers it was ordered to make under the judgment.



20 January 2016