100% KPMG Check on “Dummy Codes” complete, no duplicate or fictitious payments found; fifth KPMG monthly report on progress issued (Media Release 18 Aug 2016)

1. The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (“AHTC”) submitted to the Housing and Development Board (”HDB”) on 18 August 2016 the fifth monthly progress report issued by KPMG to AHTC. This report was issued in accordance with the Court of Appeal judgment in Attorney General vs. AHPETC (Civil Appeal No. 114 of 2015)(“the Judgment”).

2. AHTC has made this report accessible in full. (click here for the full report)

3. Since the July 2016 monthly report, KPMG has completed its checks of all payments made by AHTC through the use of “dummy” vendor codes amounting to $271,598.20. AHTC accepts the control shortcomings in the use of these codes and will be reviewing its processes to ensure their proper use in future.

4. AHTC notes KPMG’s findings that no duplicate or fictitious payments have been found with respect to its checks on AHTC’s use of dummy vendor codes, and that all payments were supported by documentation. Extract from page 6 of report, para A.3.2:

In our July 2016 Report, we noted that AHTC’s use of the “dummy” vendor code made it “easier for duplicate payments or fictitious payments to be made without being detected.” We subsequently reviewed all of the 207 payments recorded using the “dummy” one-time supplier code totalling SGD271,598.20 for duplicate or fictitious payments and found none. The payments were supported by documentation relating to purchase and receipt of the goods and/or services.

5. Finally, KPMG notes that AHTC has made the sinking fund payment for Q1 FY2016/17 within the time period required of all Town Councils.


18 August 2016