KPMG Engagement ends; All audit points resolved

  1. The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (“AHTC”) submitted to the Housing and Development Board (“HDB”) on 15 February 2018 the twenty-third and final monthly report issued by KPMG to AHTC. The report was issued in accordance with the Court of Appeal judgment in Attorney-General vs AHPETC (Civil Appeal No. 114 of 2015)(“the Judgment”).
  2. AHTC has made this report accessible in full (click here for full report).
  3. In this final report, KPMG has confirmed that it is reasonably satisfied AHTC is compliant with section 35(c) of the Town Council Act and that all audit points and control-related matters identified for resolution by KPMG have been resolved.
  4. The Members of Parliament (MPs) of AHTC and all Town Councillors extend their sincere gratitude to the General Manager, Head of Corporate Services, Head of Finance and all Finance staff, and Heads of Departments of AHTC for their tireless efforts in attending to and resolving all the issues identified by KPMG, including the implementation of new controls and procedures, amongst other significant work.
  5. In addition, AHTC’s new Town Council Financial System is now fully operational. AHTC has also appointed an internal auditor to stress-test the Town Council’s controls and procedures including, but not limited to the new financial system and procurement matters on an on-going basis over the next two years.
  6. Finally, the MPs and Town Councillors of AHTC wish to thank all residents and well-wishers for their unstinting support and encouragement. Thank you.


15 February 2018