Response to MND’s Press Statement – Aljunied-Hougang Town Council’s FY2015 Financial Statements dated 9 Mar 2017 (Media Release 09 March 2017)

The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (“AHTC”) notes the Ministry for National Development’s (“MND”) press statement of 9 March 2017. AHTC has communicated the reasons for the late submission of the FY2015 financial statements to MND.

AHTC recently called a public tender for internal auditor services to the Town Council with a view to ensure compliance with the Town Councils Act and Town Councils Financial Rules on an ongoing basis. This tender did not receive any submissions from any accounting firm in Singapore. AHTC will call a second tender in due course.

AHTC will publicise the financial statements for FY2015 on its website for public consumption after it has addressed the issues raised by MND in its email to the Town Council dated 9 March 2017.


09 March 2017