AHTC Lift Upgrading and Replacement Plans – FY2016-2021 (Media Release 05 Dec 2016)

As a mature estate, the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) manages in excess of 1700 lifts of varying ages. We work with our lift maintenance contractors to ensure that these lifts are safe and in good working condition. Aljunied and Hougang residents have also greatly helped the Town Council and reported cases of unsatisfactory lift performance for early assessment and rectification.

Lift maintenance and part replacement costs have been on an upward trajectory. The Town Council’s Lift Department continues to review, on an on-going basis, the scope of maintenance works each age group of lifts requires so as to identify possible areas for improvement in the lift maintenance regime.

HDB’s cyclical replacement guidelines require that all HDB lifts are scheduled for major upgrading/replacement after 28 years of operation. On the recently announced HDB Lift Enhancement Programme (LEP), AHTC plans to progressively schedule lifts nearing the 15-year mark of their lifespan for enhancement under this program. The selection of the 15-year mark would broadly correspond to the half-way point of the recommended lifespan for each lift.

Over the last two years in particular, AHTC has noted some older lifts which have critical parts that become obsolete earlier than the recommended cyclical major upgrading/replacement guideline for lifts, contributing to frequent breakdowns. As a result of this, AHTC will bring forward the lift replacement schedule for selected lifts in the town, before the HDB’s recommended 28-year upgrading/replacement guideline.

To this end, AHTC issued a tender for the installation of 20 new lifts in Aljunied GRC on 6 Oct 2016, with a small number of lifts qualifying for HDB co-funding under the HDB Selective Lift Replacement Programme (SLRP) announced in 2014. The Town Council has published details of this tender and the relevant information is available at ahtc.sg.

Over the next four-year period, AHTC will call similar tenders to replace selected lifts. Over a five-year period, the overall cost of this lift replacement exercise, funded chiefly through the Town Council’s sinking fund is estimated to cost, at current prices, approximately $17.5m.

While the Town Council will endeavour to keep all its lifts safe for use, it calls on all users to exercise care when using lifts. Acts of vandalism and improper use of lifts, amongst other reasons, contribute to frequent breakdowns and increased maintenance, leading to escalating costs.

AHTC will continue to work with the HDB to ensure that all the lifts under its management meet the HDB’s requirements for safe use and operation.


05 December 2016