AHTC’s Response to LTA’s e-Scooter Ban on Footpaths

In August this year, Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) issued a media release confirming its powers to deter Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) riders at common areas under its purview and the challenges of enforcement. Since then, AHTC has implemented a two-pronged approach to reduce the incidence of irresponsible PMD use in Aljunied-Hougang Town by firstly, stepping up educational efforts on considerate use of PMDs such as “dismount-and-push” and safe-use campaigns, and secondly, encouraging residents to report errant PMD riders through Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s MyTransport.sg app.

In view of LTA’s announcement of the ban of e-scooters on public footpaths today, AHTC will shift its educational approach and remind all PMD users that it is illegal to use PMDs at Town Council common areas such as, void decks and common corridors. AHTC wishes to thank all residents who have reported the errant use of PMDs through the LTA app, and in doing so, have helped keep the community safe. 


04 November 2019