Letter to the Straits Times Forum – 27 May 2013

Food centre cleaning: Town council replies

With regard to the cleaning exercise at the Block 538 Bedok North market in March, it was the National Environment Agency (NEA), the coordinating agency, that informed us in February that the hawker association would be making the necessary arrangements for the scaffolding to clean the high areas (“Stallholders in row with WP town council”; Sunday).

However, for reasons unknown, the scaffolding was not provided on the day designated for the cleaning, resulting in the town council’s cleaners being unable to carry out the work.

For the cleaning exercise at the Block 511 Bedok North market next month, discussions between our town council and the NEA are in progress to ensure a smooth exercise, including the scaffolding arrangements.

We stress that at no point in time did any of our authorised personnel advise hawkers or anyone that there would be additional charges imposed by the town council on the hawkers for the cleaning.

Yeo Soon Fei
Deputy General Manager
Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council

Forum Letter: “Stallholders in row with WP town council” (The Sunday Times, 26 May 2013)