Crime Prevention Advisory – Theft in Dwelling

Culprits of reported cases of Theft in Dwelling are believed to have stolen items through the common corridor windows or unsecured main doors.

Items placed near the windows or opened doors are easy targets and prone to theft. You can help to prevent such crime by adopting the following crime prevention measures to protect your home:

a. Do not place any valuables close to your windows or doors. Keep them out of sight of passers-by.
b. Ensure that the windows and doors are kept closed and locked when you are asleep or when there is no one at home.

If you are keen to play a part in making your estate a safer place to live in, you can participate in the Citizens-On-Patrol (COP) initiative. Please contact Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre at 1800 – 489 0999 to find out more about the COP initiative.

If you have any information relating to a crime or wish to report suspicious person(s) loitering around our neighbourhood, do not hesitate to contact the nearest Neighbourhood Police Centre or dial 999 for urgent Police assistance.

Source: Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre, Singapore Police Force (SPF)